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2009 Barry Potter And The Chamber Pot Of Secrets

What do you get when you cross a photographer with a dentist? Answer:a good night’s entertainment for all the family. Bim Bollard, (photographer), and Mark Neal, (dentist) delighted audiences with their production of “Barry Potter and the Chamber Pot of Secrets”. With Ann Gillingham in command as the narrator J.K. Rollover the audience were soon part of the first scene showing the rapid birth of Barry Potter from under his mother’s cloak! Mr & Mrs Potter played by Bim Bollard and Chris Towle were not in the least surprised by this occurence. We are then pitchforked into the horrid aunt Beryl and uncle Vernon’s house where Barry is to live. Played by the indomitable Anne and norman broom and their gradson, Dylan, who played the oversize Norbert, they were comical rather than cruel and caused great amusement. The cast were enhanced by a bevvy of bogworts children of varying ages who were obviously enjoying their many parts which they all played enthusiastically. Barry potter competently played by Sebastian Lancaster as the young magician with a striking M on his forehead which stood for the ‘Moreton’ in the wicked Voldermoreton’s name. Each time this was mentioned the whole cast and an encouraged audience shouted out ‘Not Moretonhampstead’ in true pantomime style. Kevin Bunclark as the wicked Voldermoreton was, as expected, evil personified and relished the role. As his sidekick Kirstyn Munro was delightful. Barry’s two friends, Haemorrhoidy and Don Weasel were well cast. Mention must be made of Bob Arnold as the magnificently dressed Professor Doubledoors complete with long snowy beard. his counterpart Singldoors played by Jamie Kaye stole the show with his enormous ears, shaggy hair and tiny beard and when he was teased the audience showed their sympathy. Enjoyable cameo parts were played by Su Kaye, John Wills, Nigel Gillingham, Jenny Connely, Mark Neal and Bim All in all a cleverly devised show written by local people, acted by local people and directed to a professional standard by Nigel Gillingham involving the community for the community.

2006 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba, a Pantomime by Alexa Romanes. All the usual Panto stuff, villains, hero’s, scantily clad maids, a talking camel and forty thieves – well nearly. Mixed together by director Nigel Gillingham into a very enjoyable and traditional show, Oh yes it.

2005 The Ozzard of Wiz

The Ozzard of Wiz was written by Bim Bollard and James Harper and directed by Nigel Gillingham.  Some people say it was rubbish and we know who they are and where they live, but the truth is of course that it was another resounding success.

2000 From the King of Prussia with Love

James Blonde, a classic Pantomime character played with a suitable sneer by Dave Scott, led the field in another off the wall show directed and written by Bim Bollard and Mark Neal. The plot is to stop Goldfinker’s evil plan for world domination and win the heart of glamorous double agent Pussy L’amour, and I guess if you’re reading this then the plan succeeded.

1998 Dracular and the Magic Lamp

Surely the best Panto and Panto villain ever, well I would say that wouldn’t I. Although, this was a most excellent show and it’s not often you see Carol Vodaphone, Bob Monkeyhouse, Under Were Wolf, Batman, Robin and Dracula on the same billing. Needless to say it was another Bim production.

1996 Robinson Crusoe

This was billed as a traditional family Pantomime, written by Bill Smale and directed by Anne Broom. I have no pictures for this show and although my name is in the cast list I have no memories of it. So if your memory is better than mine or you have some photos then please get in touch.

1994 Babes in the Wood

Babes in the Wood was another Pantomime written by Alexa Romanes, unfortunately I only have the one picture, but fortunately it is of me, as for the rest of the show – well I think the crit sums it up very nicely.

1992 Cinderella II

Cinderella II, (The Undoing of Buttons). I could tell you what I thought but the newspaper article does it much better, I know me and the other hoses had great fun with our parts, but that’s another story.

1990 Fatman and Blobbin

Fatman and Blobbin (And the Exploding Custard Pie machine).Ticket holders were turned away at the door according to the newspaper cutting, not good PR and not good for the customers as they missed another cracking Pantomime by Bim. James Mann played James Mann, a part he wrestled with but finally came up with a passable imitation of the real James Mann, as I say this was a Bim Pantomime.

1986 Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, produced and directed by Mike North. I know no more about this show so if you have any information to contribute then please get in touch.

1984 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Now the sight of seven men entering the Town Hall on their knees and singing Hi Ho was really quite hilarious, If anyone has a picture of that then please do let me know – or any other photos would be good.

1982 Aladdin

Another Pantomime written by Patsy Wills. We are missing a programme and some better pictures and I think Abanazer is wearing his King costume from the nativity.

1981 Cinderella

Another Patsy Powlesland pantomime and this time with a price reduction to 60p, and still with a cup of tea. Using a back drop of the shops of Bovey Tracey this show had a very local feel to it. This was a local show for local people, (and their friends).  

1980 Robin Hood

The Players first ever Pantomime written by Patsy Powlesland. This was great fun to be in, if only for the fact we all got to say, “oh no he isn’t” for the first time on stage, and dress up as merry men. I played Dicken, the character in the white hat (which was in fact a loo seat cover)and was joined by some female companions due to the shortage of male volunteers.At least that got us screening on local Spotlight TV. Prices were scandalous back then, the admission price was 75p inclusive of a cup of tea.