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Radio Days

The Players production of ‘Radio Days! played to a capacity audience on May 19th at The Dolphin Hotel. The audience was able to enjoy ‘Dick Barton – Special Agent’, with some very misogynist comments from Dick himself and the delights of ‘Julian and Sandy’ from ‘Round the Horne’ An evening about 1950’s radio couldn’t pass without a mention of ‘The Archers’ and Dan and Doris had a difficult time when the heifers got out and additional problems with a very noisy dog! The comedy continued with a double dose of ‘The Goon Show’ which showcased the Players talents for a range of silly voices. A contribution form Tony Hancock was an additional bonus. The evening was further enhanced with some delightful songs of the time from Fay Churchill and some traditional ‘rock and roll’ from the resident ‘House Band’ which really had the whole place jumping.  

2003 A Greenwood Carol

The great thing about this play was having a fourteen piece orchestra in the minstrels gallery and with a cast of 42, director Pat Berry had her hands full. But class will out and this production in the Scout Hall was another night to remember.

1988 Meg and Mog Show

Looking at the cast photo I think we may have inspired JK to write her Potter books. As usual the Players are setting the pace.

1983 Summer Variety

Another variety show this time incorporating the Haytor area Players and finishing with a stalwart of the Players, Josephine Critchley on the accordion. Josephine provided the musical backing for many shows and Pantomimes.

1981 A Summer Medley

Just a programme for this show, but item 3 looks a cracker – Sing-a-Long With Sid, the great late Sydney Weeks at the piano, we really don’t do it like that anymore.

1980 Variety Fun Time

Well this was a bit of a mixed bag and looking back just a bit cringy, if that’s a word, but we got away with it and the audience came back next year.

1977 Way Out West

Way Out West, written by Dorothy Davies – a long time member and starring Bev Davies, in the photo with Liz Wedden.

1973 Good Old Bad Old Days

We have no information for this production, which is a shame as this was the Players first foray into the world of musical theatre. Look in your attic please.